Movie & Game Rentals Made Easy.

Start Your Own DVD Rental Business.

This is your opportunity to become an independent DVD Rental Kiosk owner operator. Signifi provides you with all the exclusive training tools and tips you need to get started.

Why Signifi Custom Kiosks?

Included in Signifi’s services is custom branding. We have created and built hundreds of unique custom brands for our customers. View some of our brands >

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  • Holds 800+ Movies/Games
    We connect you to distributors that carry the hottest new movie and game releases, plus more.
  • Easy to Use, Super Fast
    Return and Retrieve any rental in seconds.
  • Cool Design
    Our interactive kiosk design is a key element that drives the users experience.
  • Indoor and Outdoor
    Double or triple your revenues by operating an outdoor-ready kiosk with a full heating and cooling system.
  • Includes Advertising Screen
    Increase Visibility and Revenue! Schedule your content and advertising as you wish!
  • Managed From Anywhere
    Our focus is to provide you with flexible and customized services for every requirement.

The Signifi DVD Kiosk Advantage


We Eliminate the Learning Curve

Signifi makes it easy for your to start in the DVD kiosk business by ELIMINATING barriers to entry!
  • We provide you with DVD kiosk industry insider information in our information center to tell you with tips and tools you need to operate your kiosks. This information comes from the minds of founding members of the DVD kiosk industry, including Redbox and Blockbuster.
  • When you join our team, we provide you with a welcome package and one-on-one training on how to manage and operate your new movie kiosk and the Web based backend.

We Provide You With High Quality Technology

  • The best and latest state-of-the-art technology in the marketplace, nothing comes close.
  • Our DVD kiosk software, Bearcat, was co-created with the help of founding members of Redbox, the leaders in the DVD kiosk industry. We’ve analyzed how people like to rent through kiosks and made the process as streamlined as possible! This means faster rental times, higher average tickets, and ultimately more revenue for you!
  • Through our thoughtful engineering process, we’ve created a DVD machine that is state-of-the-art and easy to operate. Our DVD kiosk technology blows away the competition, not even Redbox can compete. We’ve put in countless hours engineering our DVD kiosk to be in its highest form.


We support you

  • We have a team of experts ready and at your disposal to support you…this includes marketing materials, DVD kiosk software developers, DVD kiosk hardware engineers, DVD kiosk Q&A experts, and DVD kiosk marketing professionals.
  • This frees you to focus on what really matters, generating more revenue through your kiosk!
  • We also provide you with marketing materials, saving you the time and expense of having to create them.

Project Management

  • You’re not alone! You will be assigned a project manager to help you with every step along the way to configure you kiosk, payment processing etc..

Information Center and Welcome Package

  • We will guide you in finding locations, put you in touch with DVD wholesalers and our marketing department to help you with materials.
  • You will receive a welcome package full of materials to help educate you on how to move your business forward.


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